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Lamp with Carousel and Music - Blue

Lamp with Carousel and Music - Blue

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The night lamp with a carousel and a music box provides soothing company both during the day and at night. Spinning horses and the delicate melody of the music box will soothe your baby and create a relaxing mood.

The music box is wound up by hand. The metal winder can be found on the base of the lamp. Turn the winder clockwise several times for the horses to start rotating and the music to begin playing.

A micro USB cable is provided to recharge the lamp’s battery. The charging time is 3 hours. When fully charged, the lamp will illuminate for approximately 24 hours. After 8 hours of operation, it will enter the sleep mode.

To illuminate the music box, gently touch the button located on the top dome, just above the USB port. On touching it again, the light will become less intense. Holding the button for approximately 1.5 seconds activates the light colour changing mode. The colours will start to change smoothly. Press and hold it again to turn the lamp off.

Use the micro USB cable to charge the lamp. The red LED indicator stays lit when charging. The green LED indicator will light up once the lamp’s battery is fully charged.

The body of the lamp is made from plastic, while elements such as the comb, feet and beak are made from silicone


  • funny design
  • merry-go-round with horses
  • music box melody
  • it lights in 7 colors
  • lighting time after fully charged about 12 h
  • sleep mode after 8 h
  • charging via micro-USB cable (included)
  • does not heat up
  • easy to clean
  • dimensions: 15,4 x 12,6 x 11,4 cm
  • certificates: CE, RoHS, EN71 – 1,2,3

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