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Diaper Backpack Treasureback

Diaper Backpack Treasureback

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Here’s the logistical aid for walking with a child – Treasureback! It’s a backpack that can be attached to a stroller or worn on your back daily. With 9 practical pockets (including a thermal pocket, a zippered pocket, and a wet clothes pocket), it allows for organization so that all the essentials for a walk are within reach. With the beautiful design from the Nature Vibes collection, nature is always with you. The backpack is exceptionally stylish – perfect for solo travels or even a short trip, for instance, to the lakeside or the mountains. Thanks to its practical closure and comfortable shape, Treasureback is the ideal companion for outings.

  • The backpack has nine pockets, enabling excellent organization during walks and longer journeys. Treasureback is very spacious, with a thermal pocket, a zippered pocket, a wet clothes pocket, and side pockets. Everything will be at hand!
  • Treasurepack has a beautiful design from the Nature Vibes collection. Its interior has a unique print, and there’s a charming bee pendant added to the zipper. Due to its style, the backpack matches almost every daily outfit!
  • To reduce the burden on parents, Treasureback can be attached to the stroller handle with the provided special straps. In just a moment, you can detach it from the stroller and sling it over your shoulder for a world journey.
  • The set also includes a changing mat. Thanks to this, a wet diaper won’t surprise you anywhere – you can change your toddler wherever you wish. And do so in hygienic conditions. The mat’s design matches the backpack’s design.
  • The backpack has wide shoulder straps. It’s comfortable and distributes the weight of the parent’s belongings well. The reinforced material allows the backpack to maintain its proper shape and also sits softly on the back.
  • Materials: PU and polyester. Changing mat: polyester with foam padding.

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