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Diaper Backpack Moonpack

Diaper Backpack Moonpack

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Do you enjoy shared walks with your family and wish everything was at hand? Try Moonpack – a backpack that attaches to the stroller, transforming your walks, shopping, and city trips. It even has 9 practical pockets: a spacious main pocket, a waterproof pocket for wet diapers/clothes, a side pocket for wipes, 3 bottle pockets, a thermal pocket, a front pocket for small items, and a document pocket on the back of the backpack.

Moonpack is perfect for active parents who want to explore the world with their child and love traveling together – both in the city and beyond.

The backpack is safe – it features a convenient magnetic fastening and a buckle that allows you to secure and open the backpack with one hand. Additionally, the rigid material and wide shoulder straps ensure comfort for the parent when carrying and prevent items from wrinkling in the main pocket. The Moonpack can be hung on the stroller handle using special hooks, but it can also be worn separately as a traditional backpack or shoulder bag.

  • You can hang the backpack on the stroller using the included hooks or wear it as a regular backpack.
  • Moonpack is multifunctional – you can store both your child’s and your items. The backpack has up to 9 practical pockets that help you better organize shared walks with your child.
  • Moonpack is equipped with a special pocket for wet wipes and bottles and an additional pocket for wet diapers or clothes.
  • The thermal pocket ensures a warm meal for your child wherever you go! It’s especially useful during colder months.
  • Moonpack also has additional handles, allowing it to be used as a regular bag.
  • There’s a special pocket on the side of the backpack for wet wipes. You no longer have to pull out the whole pack.
  • 3 bottle pockets help better organize things needed for a walk. They can hold both the child’s and your bottles.
  • The set includes a portable changing mat – making diaper changes during walks easier.
  • There’s a key carabiner in the main pocket of the backpack – gone are the days of digging through everything to find apartment keys!
  • Along with the document pocket, you can keep all your items in one place. The backpack can be closed with a magnet and buckle – ensuring nothing falls out.
  • Material: polyester
  • Dimensions: height: 57.5 cm, width: 13 cm, length: 26.5 cm
  • Weight: 0.7 kg

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