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Children's Wall Mirror (4 Different Shapes)

Children's Wall Mirror (4 Different Shapes)

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A perfect addition to kids’ bedrooms. Watching how your baby discovers his/her reflection in the mirror is very interesting, and this acrylic-shaped mirror makes the experience extra adorable. You can watch your baby slowly reaching a new milestone –  understanding that in the mirror he/she sees him/herself! And make this experience even more fun with a cat or rocket ship shaped mirror.

💡The acrylic mirror looks like a regular glass mirror, high quality, and water-resistant.
The corners are smooth and rounded.
The mirror is cut precisely from an acrylic mirror and plywood.

You can hang this mirror near the newborn’s changing table to make nappy changes more interesting!

🛠️ HANGER PLACE IS ALREADY INSTALLED ON THE BACK. The mirror is lightweight and can be easily attached to the wall.

❗ The mirror is a decoration, not a toy!
We kindly remind you to look through all the pictures from the product dimensions before placing an order, to be sure the mirror will fit in the place you have in mind! 🙏

The product is handmade so some dimensions can vary slightly!


  • Dimensions:
    Size for each wood shape mirror is taken from the further points:
    Ship: 42 x 33 cm
    Cat : 35,5 x 33 cm
    Duck: 39,5 x 44 cm
    Moose: 50 x 41 cm
    Mirror size for all shapes is 24.6 cm diameter and 4 mm thick.
  • Weight: around 1.2 kg
  • Mounting hardware is included. But can be placed on a shelf, while supported against the wall – it also looks nice.
  • Made in Europe

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  • 100% Premium Quality
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