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Soft Toy-Pillow Alpaca - Rusty Brown

Soft Toy-Pillow Alpaca - Rusty Brown

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Indulge in the cuddly charm of our handmade Soft Toy-Pillow Alpaca in the colour Rusty Brown. Standing tall at 50cm, this plush Alpaca serves as both a toy and a pillow, making it a versatile companion for kids and parents alike.

  • Ultra-Soft: Crafted from vegan artificial fur, this Alpaca is irresistibly soft to the touch, ensuring a cozy and comfortable experience.
  • Hypoallergenic: The artificial fur material is safe for children with sensitive skin, making it ideal for snuggles without triggering allergies.
  • Multi-Purpose: Perfect for travel, car rides, or plane journeys, the cushion-like design provides a supportive headrest for relaxation on the go.
  • Comforting: Its huggable nature makes it a soothing bedtime companion, helping children drift off to sleep peacefully.
  • Decorative Accent: When not in use, this Alpaca adds a touch of charm to any child's room, serving as a delightful decorative cushion.
  • Easy Care: Simply wash by hand and allow to dry naturally, maintaining its freshness and softness for endless snuggles.

Suitable for children aged 6 months and above, our Soft Toy-Pillow Alpaca is made with love and care in Europe, using high-quality materials including faux fur, leather, and natural felt.

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