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Diaper Bag Treasurebag

Diaper Bag Treasurebag

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Everyday walks with the child can be an organizational challenge. That’s precisely why Kinderkraft created the Treasurebag handbag – to assist every parent, anytime and anywhere. The Treasurebag handbag can fit all the essentials for a walk: diapers, pacifier, wipes, bottle, toys, and parents’ belongings. The bag is zippered. It has 4 spacious pockets, one of which is zippered, for example, for keys or a phone. The bag comes with a travel changing pad – allowing you to change your toddler under hygienic conditions wherever you wish. Thanks to the modern design of the Nature Vibes collection, Treasurebag can be a decorative element for every parent. Easily attach it to a stroller or wear it on the shoulder.

Nature’s time! With the Treasurebag, nature is always with you. Due to the modern design of the Nature Vibes collection, the bag is exceptionally elegant and matches not only with the same collection’s strollers and carriers but also with everyday style.

Including a travel changing pad: Toddlers need a diaper change at the most unexpected times. If there’s no changing station around, the Treasurebag’s included, design-matching pad comes to the rescue. Thanks to this, you can change your child under all conditions.

For the stroller and shoulder: To relieve the burden on the shoulders of new parents a bit, theTreasurebag can be attached to the stroller handle. This way, during walks, your hands are entirely free to devote to your toddler. Attach the handbag with the included special attachments. There’s also a classic long strap for the bag, so it can be worn as a traditional handbag.

Easily cleanable: Anything can happen during a walk. Spilled milk, leaking diapers… That’s why the Treasurebag is easy to clean. To freshen up the bag, all it takes is a damp cloth – and it looks just like when purchased. Additionally, the bag is very durable – not afraid of wear.

  • Material: PU, polyester
  • Pad: polyester with foam filling
  • Dimensions: 30 cm x 53 cm

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