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Balance Bike TOVE - Beige

Balance Bike TOVE - Beige

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The TOVE balance bike is distinguished by its unique design, durable yet lightweight materials, and low weight: only 2 kg. Suitable for children from 18 months up to 25 kg. It will support the development of balance and motor skills through play. TOVE has two carry handles, making it easier for parents to walk with children who get bored quickly.

Folding in 3 steps: TOVE can be folded in 3 simple steps. Your child can ride a moment after taking the bike out of the box.

Seat adjustment: Toddlers grow quickly – to make TOVE serve your child as long as possible, you can adjust the seat in the range of 30-35 cm

2 carry handles: Your toddler got tired on a walk and doesn’t want to ride anymore? We know it – that’s why the TOVE balance bike has as many as 2 comfortable carry handles.

Puncture-resistant wheels: The TOVE balance bike has lightweight pump-free foam wheels. They have no spokes, which increases the child’s safety when learning to ride.

Light and durable construction: TOVE weighs only 2 kg. The bike is made of durable PP and TPR plastic – thanks to which it is resistant to falls, impacts and scratches.

It supports the development of balance: You play – you learn. It is the best way! The child will have great fun with you, while practicing balance, coordination and gross motor skills.


  • From 18 months of age
  • 2 practical carry handles
  • Durable and lightweight – only 2 kg
  • Puncture-resistant lightweight foam wheels
  • The bike is made of PP + TPR plastic
  • Lightweight wheels made of EVA foam
  • The soft seat is made of PVC
  • Designed for children

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  • 100% Premium Quality
  • Secure and Fast Checkout
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